Car Transport Tips

Offers such as express services and guaranteed delivery are also available. It offers additional guarantees that your car is sent to the destination at the time earlier than usual. Naturally, the cost is more expensive. But if money doesn’t matter, then by all means utilizing any possible methods to keep your car safe and safe.

To ensure the possibility of claiming damage if any of them occurs during vehicle delivery, you must do the following:

1. Make sure the automatic sender you California Car Shippers selected gives you insurance for a full cover of damage or loss, your vehicle can suffer during car transportation.

2. Before you give your vehicle to a car drive inspection if you have received a car inspection report, where the condition of your car is currently stated (all damage, scratches and so on which currently bear your vehicle is repaired in it). Save this document until your vehicle is sent.

3. When shipping checks the general state of your car very carefully (roof, bumper, in conditions in and so on) and make sure it is in accordance with the state of your vehicle because it is repaired in a car inspection report. If you find some damage, it occurs during car transportation, put them and after the driver has been told about them asking him to sign all stated inconsistencies.

4. As soon as all inconsistencies have been stated, inform you the transfer company about them. Thus automatic drive must give you a replacement for all damage and inconsistencies to the condition of the vehicle on the date of pick-up, which has been caused during the process of shipping the car.

5. If there is a dispute about replacement, try to solve it with your car sender. And if you fail to come to a reasonable decision and the car shipping company refuses to pay your replacement, you can register with a better business bureau, where the automatic drive is located. And finally if you have a court assessment, you can register with the US Department of Transportation.