Google Android Oreo was announced some time ago – what sets it apart from its predecessors?

So you must have started seeing Oreo on many devices as Google expands its rollout. The most popular devices for carrying Oreo are Google Pixel, Pixel C or Google Pixel XL and Xiaomi. It has been confirmed that many companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HMD Global, etc., will support the update by the end of the year. The company announced Project Treble mysmiley (for those who don’t have a Google-branded phone) to ensure the Android Oreo update reaches far more devices than the previous operating system.

About features and functionality: Is that all you can do when the new update arrives? Smart text selection
The text selection feature in Android Oreo will move, as the operating system will know how to select all text, when it attempts to copy and target. The intelligent text selection feature has the ability to tap selected text. This feature makes using the device quick and easy. If it’s an address, it will start from the address there. And if it’s a phone number, you can dial the number right from the screen.

Multitasking video

This is not a completely new feature, but it can be said to be an enhanced version of the existing multitasking feature. Android Oreo’s picture-in-picture feature allows users to easily switch between screens. For example, if you are watching Netflix and suddenly remember an email you forgot to send, you can keep Netflix in a small window and send emails at the same time. This feature works great on medium and large screen phones.

You will be able to drag a video screen of your application to a small panel on the screen, allowing you to use your phone without losing sight of the action. You will certainly appreciate the increased versatility and multitasking benefits offered by this operating system.


Android Oreo allows you to view notification points on apps with pending notifications. This feature was not enabled in previous versions, making it difficult to see new notifications. You can perform with a single tap on the point to get actions from the context menu. Google has introduced notification points for apps in Android Oreo, allowing users to quickly see what’s going on without the need to open the app. You can just scroll through the notification bar and get details about the notifications you have. This feature is similar to Apple 3D Touch-enabled bubble pop-ups. A long press on the small colored circle at the top rich on the application icon will bring up the screen and display more information.

Automatic completion

Users don’t have to face the pain of typing information every time, as the auto-complete feature in Android Oreo automatically fills in the information. The operating system completes the information automatically from the application or the web. Remembering long passwords is difficult. However, it is to stay safe when you are online. The previous version of the Android operating system allowed you to use a number of weird solutions to help you copy and fill in your account details.