Helpful Road Bike Reviews to Consider When Purchasing A Road Bike

Road bike reviews can be extremely helpful, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with purchasing a bicycle. Since many road bikes are quite expensive, then you will want to make sure that the model of bike you purchase is suitable to your needs and good quality. Following is an overview of several well-known road bikes:

Bianchi Infinito Ultegra:

The Bianchi Infinito Ultegra gets very high rating overall as a high quality road bike that is sold at an affordable price. While many road bikes cost up to $6,000, the Biachi Infinito Ultegra can be purchased for $3,200 at online retailer Adrenaline Bikes. This particular type of bike can be used for fast riding or long distance riding. It is comfortable for both male and female riders and is made with a lightweight carbon frame that comes with a life warranty. One point to consider is that you may want to replace the wheels if you need the bike to be more lightweight, as the original wheels are a bit heavy.

Scott CR1 Comp:

The Scott CR1 Comp is a good option if you have Top Gear a limited budget but want to purchase a high-end road bike. This particular bike can be purchased for around $1,400 at either or It is ideal for fast riding and one can ride uphill with it easily; at the same time, it is also reasonably comfortable for long distance riding. The Scott CR1 Comp has a carbon frame and many of the components are made by Shimono, a high-end brand name that is well known by professional cyclists.

Giant Defy 2:

The Giant Defy 2 gets good ratings. It is made from aluminum, so it will not be as lightweight as the above-mentioned models. However, aluminum is also much sturdier in some ways than carbon, so the frame is likely to be stronger than a carbon frame road bike; aluminum road bikes are also cheaper. The Giant Defy 2 is a stable bicycle that is lightweight, smooth to ride and has easy gear shifting. You will find it suitable for both fast riding and long distance riding, although some reviewers recommend replacing the original bike seat if you intend to do mostly long distance riding. Online retailer sells these bikes for around $1,000, although you can purchase one for less if you buy it second hand.

Allez Elite Compact:

The Allez Elite Compact bicycle is lightweight, easy to ride and suitable both for fast and long distance cycling. You can purchase it online at University Bicycle Center for a bit over $800. The bicycle frame is made from a combination of aluminum and carbon, the bike shifts well, is comfortable to ride on and is very responsive. However, a number of reviewers have commented that the braking system on the bike is substandard and should be replaced.

Consider the above road bike reviews when purchasing a bike. As you can see, which exact bike would be the best option for you depends on what type of riding you do and your budget. Choose a bike that is affordable and at the same time good quality and suitable for your needs.