iPhone 11 Review – Is it Any Good?

The iPhone 11 is essentially an S upgrade to last year’s popular iPhone XR. From the outside, it all looks the same, quite literally. It still has the exact same sleek design, same huge bezels, the exact same 6.1 inch LCD with smooth rounded corners, and just the same sturdy aluminum shell. However, there are a few differences that make the iPhone 11 a great buy even without the price jump to pay for it.

Let’s start with the display, because it’s where iphone 11 the majority of the user experience of the iPhone 11 comes into play. The iPhone 11 pro review I did of the phone was actually one of the most useful things I found out while using the phone. For those who use the iPhone to take videos, photos, or simple text messages, you really won’t notice much difference between the iPhone 11 and its older sibling. If you use the phone for watching movies, though, or doing high-resolution video editing, then you might find yourself surprised at just how sharp the image is on the iPhone 11. This is thanks to Apple’s new “penta pixel” technology, which Apple claims has made the pixel arrangement on the iPhone 11 one of the sharpest on any smartphone.

One feature I didn’t cover in my iPhone 11 pro review is the native ability to browse the web in the native app. Almost every major smartphone today has this, but none has it executed as well as Apple’s iPhone. The Android phones that can do this also have some limited browser functionality. So if you are looking for a site to read up on, or want to browse Amazon, Google, or another web-based content site, then you’ll likely want to stick with the iPhone for now.

The iPhone 11’s camera is also receiving quite the upgrade. Unlike many modern smartphones, it doesn’t have an internal camera as most do. Instead, users will have access to an external camera module, which does give users a bit more flexibility in terms of what they can do with the camera on the iPhone. I will say that the external camera is far superior to the internal camera. It gives you a bit better picture quality, and there is definitely more flexibility in terms of what you can do with the camera on the iPhone. There is just no replacement to the functions that an external camera module can provide, so if you are interested in purchasing an iPhone, check out the camera department when purchasing your phone.

If you are going to be using your iPhone outdoors, then you definitely want to make sure that you buy one with a long battery life. I had a bit of a problem with the iPhone 11, especially in higher temperatures. My phone seemed to not hold as much power in these warmer temperatures, even though I wasn’t actually holding it in the air nearly as much as I normally would. Luckily, Apple has made some improvements to the iPhone 11, including slightly better battery life, which allows users to make it through a day with a bit more juice than they could with the iPhone 11.

While the iPhone 11 isn’t completely waterproof like the iPhone 8, it is water resistant to a certain point. It will not take an immediate impact, but that is to say that you shouldn’t be carrying it around in a wet location for extended periods of time, as it will start to weaken at the seams. The new water resistant feature of the iPhone 11 Pro is only useful for about an hour or so, but that is enough for most users. In fact, these phones are great for an hour or two of Internet browsing, so if you do typically use your iPhone for online applications, this model will likely last you quite a while.