Types of Limousines for Sale

A limousine, also known as limousine, is a high luxury car often driven by a limousine chauffeur having a partition separating the driver’s section from the passengers’ section. Its basic function as a transport vehicle is for transportation from one place to another. It is an auto which has more space and can carry more people than a normal car does. Although it is widely used for personal and business purposes today, its beginning came way back in 1920s when it was used by rich individuals for official purposes.

These days, limousines have undergone various changes and improvements mainly to provide better comfort to the passengers while being mobile and meet the growing demands of consumers. It has been modified many times through the years in terms of its structure, interior, safety features and other matters. Today limousines are generally equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV), tinted windows, powerful engines, radio and even computers. They can be customized according to individual preferences. Even its size has been vastly changed from earlier small cars to large limousines that resemble almost like big trucks.

Lincoln Limousines are preferred mostly for their elegance and superiority. It is distinguished by its sleek design and its plush amenities. Lincoln is not just a car, it is an occasion limousine. Many limousine manufacturers have Lincoln as their brand name, and offer different types of limousines with different features.

Stretch Limousines – These limousines are larger and spacious. The interior is spacious, comfortable, and luxurious. It provides spacious passenger compartment with three or four passengers. Staggers, however, are available only in the front seating. Some of the popular stretch limousines are Jaguar, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz E Class, and BMW limousines.

Executive Limousine Service – The Executive Limousine Service may provide more luxurious services than the previous models. Executive Limousine Service has more luxurious interiors than other cars. However, all limousines have the same features. The facilities provided by an executive limousine service may vary from one limousine model to another.

Lincoln Town Car Limousine – One of the latest trends in luxury sedan is the Lincoln stretch limousine. The Lincoln stretch limousine is the perfect choice for people who want to feel like they are riding in a Lincoln Town car. It is spacious, luxurious. It is also a popular choice among celebrities. As the Lincoln town car is a Lincoln model, all its components are interchangeable. Lincoln town car limousine services are available in many cities across the country.